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Toyota Landcruiser
Landcruiser AussenansichtThese vehicles are equipped with…

a large pop-up roof & a roof hatch above the driver’s seat (we also offer the type with removable roof hatches), have high frequency radio call (up to 5,000 km range), cool box, canvas seat covers, First Aid kit, stereo sound system, toolkit, two spare tyres and a bull bar.

Standard version:
05 doors, 07 seats including driver’s seat
Extended version: 05 doors, 09 seats including driver’s seat

Fuel: Diesel

Recommendation: Ideally built and constructed to suit the East African Road Terrain and off-road driving in the various National Parks & Game Reserves. With a high ground clearance, double shock absorbers, these vehicles are not only very comfortable but offer the “ultimate safari experience” during game drives. It is also possible to hire Landcruisers with a roof tent. Due to the size and manoeuvrability we do not recommend these 04 x 04 vehicles on self-drive but only with an experienced driver/guide. Kindly refer to our section on driver/guides.

Toyota Landcruiser

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