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Terms and Conditions Car Hire


All rates quoted include full comprehensive insurance and government taxes applicable for Kenya.


All vehicles are maintained in our own in-house workshop and kept in excellent condition. This is extremely important in East Africa due to poor road conditions. Each car is thoroughly checked by our Fleet Control Management before departure and upon return to ensure that the next client will receive a reliable vehicle up to standard.

Mechanical problems can occasionally occur. However, important for a vehicle hirer, is a reliable, efficient and quick back-up service. Should you have a problem with the car, we have a mobile service team that will come to your rescue within the shortest possible time span. If necessary we will provide a replacement vehicle. Currently our fleet consists of around forty-five 04 x 04’s. Most of them are equipped with high frequency radio call (with a range of up to 5,000 kms) which enables you to contact our head office in Nairobi at any time during the day. In addition, there is an excellent mobile network available in Kenya nowadays. You may call on one of our Mobile Numbers on a 24 hr basis.

+ 254 - 722 - 525 400
+ 254 - 733 - 614 055

During working hours we are reachable on our office numbers:
+ 254 - 20 - 444 56 69
+ 254 - 20 - 444 56 80
+ 254 - 20 - 444 58 50

We strongly recommend that you hire a vehicle with one of our well experienced driver/guides . This is the most comfortable way to travel and ensures that if you are on safari, you will be able to enjoy outstanding game drives due to our guides knowledge on flora / fauna and the road terrain on the whole. Road signage is often very poor and it is easy to loose your way in / to the parks. If you take one of our driver/guides you are also not liable in case of any accident / theft / damage on the vehicle.


All vehicles are fully comprehensively insured which includes accidents, theft / fire or damage on the vehicle. For car hire outside of Kenya, an additional insurance is necessary which we can organize for you in advance (to save you time at the border crossing) at an extra added cost. In case of an accident please note that there is no cover for personal injury (hospital or evacuation cover). Hence, we do strongly recommend for any SELF-DRIVE client to purchase overseas travel insurance and local evacuation cover. (pls. request for the same)


For self-drive car hire it is necessary to put down a deposit of € 3000 which is done via a credit card imprint when you sign the car hire contract. Once you return the car in good condition, we will return this credit card slip to you which can then be destroyed. Windscreen and tyres are not covered by the insurance. Please consult us immediately should any major repairs to the vehicle be necessary. Often, there may only be a small mechanical problem which can be rectified easily, but some individuals may take advantage of tourists by charging them exorbitant amounts. Hence, you require authorization to go ahead with any repair cost on the vehicle (apart from a normal tyre puncture)

It is mandatory for you, to have evacuation insurance, as it can save your life in the event of an accident due to fast and efficient road /air evacuation from the point of emergency to Nairobi / nearest Hospital. We can organize this insurance for you at a cost of around € 30 per Person, depending on the duration / itinerary of your holiday.  

With Driver:

Should you choose to hire a vehicle with a driver / guide then the responsibility for the car lies with us, not you. In this case there is no deposit required. A driver costs approx. € 25 per day.

Self-drive Documentation Requirements:

You must be at least 23 years old and in possession of a valid international driver’s license as well as a passport. Please bring these documents along when signing the car hire agreement. You must sign the car hire agreement and the credit card imprint for the deposit before you take over the vehicle.

Self- Drive in Kenya / Tanzania:

Kenya is a developing country and unfortunately the majority of the roads are not sign aged well and often in poor condition. We recommend that you drive slowly so as not to come to grief in the numerous pot holes which could damage the vehicle. Please do not drive after 07 pm (19.00 hrs) which is when darkness falls, on any major roads. Particularly the Nairobi – Mombasa highway may pose a serious security risk. Often nails are thrown on the road in order to affect a tyre puncture which will cause you to stop. Often there appears to be an accident, which can be a trick whereby you may get robbed if you stop. Do drive to the nearest petrol station / police station etc. should you encounter any such incidence after dark. Pls. also do not hesitate to contact us at once (on the above emergency numbers) should you encounter a problem.

Driving is on the left !!

Vehicles with roof tent:

The same conditions apply to vehicles with a roof tent. Roof tents can be hired with a Toyota standard Landcruiser, depending on your request and availability. A roof tent is suitable for 02 adults (+ 01 child) and comes with a mattress, sleeping bags and camping equipment. A fridge will be installed in the back of the rental vehicle. We recommend that you hire one of our experienced driver/ guides. The driver has his own camping equipment and will ensure that you get maximum privacy at all times as he can pitch his tent away from yours. He will help you with setting up camp but we do kindly request that you provide food and drink for him!

Car hire from/to Nairobi

If you rent our vehicle from Nairobi (any point of your convenience including the international Airport, JKIA) there are no extra charges. You will receive the car with a full tank and we request you to return it full tank to us. Below are the extra charges we levy should you require the vehicle to be delivered elsewhere. (Rates are based on a minimum of five days car hire)

Car hire from/to Mombasa /Eldoret/ Kisumu:

Hiring from Mombasa or Eldoret / Kisumu: Euro 195
Returning car to Mombasa / Eldorte / Kisumu: Euro 195

It is also possible to collect a vehicle from Arusha, Tanzania. Once again a minimum of five days car hire is necessary. Please note the following additional costs.

Car hire from/to Arusha:

Hiring from Arusha Euro 180
Returning car to Arusha Euro 180
Extra Insurance per day 
Euro 30
Border crossing fee (only once)
Euro 65
Park Entry Fees for vehicle not included
 if applicable
With Driver
Drivers allowance per day within Tanzania:
Euro 25
Park Entry Fees for driver and vehicle not included
 depending on NP
Border crossing fees (only once)
Euro 65

Pick up charges from Kampala / Dar Es Salaam on request.


Unless otherwise arranged you will have to make an advance payment for vehicle of your choice. A deposit is usually requested upon confirmation of a reservation of a vehicle (50% which is refundable in case of advance notice / cancellation) and rest payment can be made either shortly before start of the hire or in Nairobi upon pick up of vehicle.

Please note that we reserve the right to change any pricing / terms and conditions as / when necessary.