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Amboseli National Park
Killimanjaro (Picture:Guenter P.)
No Hollywood studio can make a so beautiful backdrop for a safari, as you can find it in the Amboseli National Park. Durring elephants, zebras and buffalos are graze in the flat savannah, the Kilimanjaro glitters in the background.

The park is 400 sq kms, with its southern boundary along the Tanzanian border. The area is home to more than just Elephants, and herds of wildebeest, zebra and impala graze on the open plains. There are areas of acacia forest that make for good birding, and are home to many small mammals. Cheetah are also often sighted here.

The terrain consists of fine dust form vulcanos which come from the  Kilimanjaro.  From this dust the  park gets its  name "Amboseli".  "Amboseli" is the word for salty dust in the language of the Maasais. The lake in the west dry up 10 000 years ago und is named also "dust bowl". Simply after  strong  rainfalls, the lake is filled with water. The rest of the time, the lake can be crossed by car.

Elephants (Picture: Michael Nikolai)
Elephants in Amboseli (Picture: Michael Nikolai)
The center of the park is the place Ol Tukai. This was the spot for the movie "Snow on the Kilimanjaro". On that site there are many lodges situated.  Arround the circle of Ol Tukai are many morrases, small lakes and a few bushes and trees. So there is a manifold fauna, in particular large herds of elephants. In the west of Ol Tukai is the "Observation Hill" which gives tourists a wonderful view over the Amboseli National Park.

Observation Hill
Observation Hill (Picture: Christian N.)