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Buffalo Springs National Reserve
Oryx (Picture: Michael Nikolai)
Oryx (Picture: Michael Nikolai)
The Buffalo Springs National Reserve is along with the reserves Samburu and Shaba one of the manifold  nature reserves with  more than 400sq km.
These three reserves are managed bei the locals. Most of them are specialized in sheep farming and cattle breeding. Some of them are leaving as nomads in round huts.

The reserve is situated on the Ewaso Nyiro river with a total area of 131sq km. The game reserve is gets his name from the crystal clear "Buffalo Springs".
The Buffalo Springs scenery contains savannah, riverine forests and  moor land. More than 360 differnt bird species have their home in Buffalo Springs Reserve. Therefore the area is recommended for bird watching.

Animal species in the reserve: reticulated giraffe, grevy's zebra, elephant, black rhino, ground squirrel, oryx, Somali ostrich, hippo, crocodile,gerenuk, buffalo, lion,leopard, cheetah and hyena.

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