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Kamnarok National Reserve
Buffalo(Picture: Michael Nikolai)
The Kamnarok National Reserve is located 260 kilometers from Nairobi and was set up 1983. It is about 25 kilometers from the Lake Baringo Airstrip and can be accessed through both road and air.

The landscape includes a 4,000 feet deep valley with semi-tropical vegetation on the slopes. Lower down, there are dry thorn bushes. The main Wild Life Attractions are the waterbucks, elephants, buffaloes, Rothschild's Giraffes, dik diks and warthogs including water birds like pelicans and grebe.

The climate is generally hot and dry, hence loose cotton clothing is ideal while visiting the Kamnarok National Reserve. There is no accommodation within the Kamnarok National Reserves but it is easily available at the nearby Lake Bogoria National Reserve.