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Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park
(Picture:Wallnöfer M.)
(Picture:Mario W.)
The park is located in Kwale district at the southern most tip of the Kenyan coastline, near Shimoni and south of Wasani Island near the Tanzanian border. It was gazetted in 1978, covering an area of 28sq km and can be accessed via sea or road.

Famous for its intact marine environment and an increasing number of fish species and corals, the Kisite-Mpunguti National Reserve is entirely in shallow water. The reefs in this reserve act as important habitats and form complex eco-systems.

Traditional dhows will sail you back and forth to the park, inside the park you will see four small island surrounded by colourful coral reefs: Kisite, Mpunguti ya Juu, Mpunguti ya Chini and Liwe la Jahazi islands.

Clownfish (Picture:Wallnöfer M.)
Clownfish(Picture:Mario W.)
Marine life is abundant, this include trigger fish, angelfish, bonito, moray eel, butterfly fish, parrot-fish, groupers, wrasses, scorpion-fish, dolphins, turtles, manta rays among other species.