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Kiunga Marine National Reserve
sea turtle(Picture: Mario W.)
Sea turtle(Picture:Mario W.)

A group of 50 calcareous offshore islands and coral reefs, the Kiunga Marine National Reserve helps conserve the valuable coral reefs, sea grass meadows and the mangrove forests. This biodiversity also acts as a refugee for the almost extinct dugongs and sea turtles.

Running parallel to the northern Kenyan coast, the Kiunga Marine National Reserve lies next to the Dodori and Boni National Reserves in the Lamu Archipelago. The marine reserve can be accessed via either a boat or road through Lamu. There is an airstrip at the Dodori National Reserve too.

Blowfish (Picture: Mario W.)
Blowfish (Picture: Mario W.)

Moray (Picture: Mario W.)
Moray(Picture: Mario W.)

Tourists can go for water sports like wind surfing and water skiing. Snorkeling lets them glimpse the breathtakingly beautiful coral reefs. The beaches provide a good spot for sun bathing. The sand dunes and Kiwayu Island are a must visit.