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Maralal Game Sanctuary
Warthog (Picture: Michael Nikolai)
Warthog (Picture: Michael Nikolai)
Maralal Game Sanctuary is established near Maralal town, the administrative centre of Samburu District: Accessibility is by direct road from Samburu National Reserve to Maralal town. The Samburu people, who inhabit this beautiful country, are close relatives of the tall, proud nomadic Maasai of Southern Kenya. Their beautifully ornamented morans (warriors) march fearlessly across the plains in memorable sights. The sanctuary has big residential populations of impala, eland, buffalo, baboon, warthog, zebra and the attendant predators - lion, leopard and hyena.

The Maralal Town is home to the Kenyatta home, the location where Jomo Kenyatta was detained prior to his release. The town also serves as a base to tourist activities such as bush walking, white water rafting and camel riding. It is also known for camel racing and is surrounded by the Maralal Game Sanctuary. On the cedar clad hillside above the town and in the thorn scrub lower down there is much resident game. Impala, eland, buffalo, baboon, warthog and zebra live in harmonious profusion but ever watchful for leopard and hyena. Seasonally elephant pass through the sanctuary descending from the forested hills which lie to the north.