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Marsabit National Reserve

The Marasabit National Park, spread over 1500 sq km, comprises of a forested mountain that serves as the sole source of permanent water surface in the region because of the presence of three beautiful crater lakes.

Zebra (Picture: Michael Nikolai)
Zebra (Picture: Michael Nikolai)
Located in northern Kenya in the Marsabit province, at a distance of 560 km north of Nairobi, the reserve is easily accessible via road through Nanyuki and Isiolo, or by air.

The Marasabit National Park is populated with Greater Kudus, elephants, Reticulated Giraffes, striped hyenas, wolves, buffaloes, bushbucks, leopards and caracals. Among birds, the park is famous for its butterflies as for its raptor species, Somali ostriches and the rare Masked Lark.

Butterfly, bird watching and game viewing top the list followed closely by camel safaris, visit to 'singing wells', hiking and walking along the nature trails. The immaculate forests and picturesque landscapes make for a great view.