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Mkogodo Forest Reserve
Bushbuck (Picture: Michael Nikolai)
Buschbock (Picture: Michael Nikolai)
Set against a rich and varied backdrop, the Mkogodo Forest Reserve is a stretch of riverine forest along the Ngare Ndare River and also the homeland of a small unique tribe known as the Laikipia Maasai.

The Mkogodo Forest Reserve is situated in Northern Kenya, next to the Maralal and Laikipia Game Sanctuaries. The reserve is populated by elephants, elands, buffaloes, Grevy's Zebras, bushbucks, bush pigs, duikers, gerenuks, and the big cats like cheetahs, leopards and lions. It also has a good variety of birds.

Apart from game viewing and bird watching, tourists can go for long walks and camel safaris inside the Mukogodo Forest Reserve.