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Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve
(Picture:Mario W.)
The park is 10km2 while the reserve is 200km2. Both the park and the reserve are the most highly utilized among marine protected areas. Their coastline is heavily developed with tourist facilities.

There are various agents who offer for hire boats to get into the Marine Park. There are quite a good number of companies offering water sports facilities. These firms are spread along the breach. The place is ideal for diving. Diving gears are easily available from water sports desks.

Mombasa itself is a mix of traditional and modern culture. The 17th Century for Jesus, which was used as a Fort by the Portuguese against Sultan invasion after which they (Portuguese) were eventually evicted after a two year siege, is within the Island which is a few minutes drive from the Marine Park. Mombasa Old Town is highly dominated by Swahili culture especially architecture.

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