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Samburu National Reserve
nile monitor
nile monitor (Picture: Christian N.)
The first thing you will notice on a Samburu Safari is that it is worlds apart from the other parks in Kenya. It's not particularly well known and as a result is less crowded than most Kenyan reserves.

Samburu National Reserve is situated on the banks of the Ewaso Ngiro River - and its shady trees - attracts plenty of wildlife - giraffe, buffalo, waterbuck and zebra (including the endangered Grevy's zebra) from the surrounding Savannah plains trek to the water. lion, leopard and cheetah are also quite easy to spot, thanks in part to the lack of grass cover.
leopard (Picture: Michael Nikolai)

Samburu is also home to large herds of elephants, and the reserve is well known for providing the opportunity to see wildlife that only lives in the dry north of Kenya. Be on the look out for gerenuks - these odd, yet distinguished looking gazelle have long necks, and stand on their hind legs to feed.

For the birders, around 365 species have been recorded and the river area is particularly rewarding, and across the river is Buffalo Springs National Reserve.


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