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Art of Grass and Safari
One of Europe’s most famous Photographer’s “Ingo Arndt” has dedicated his passion to a most important habitat for wildlife “The Grasslands”. It offers food and grounds for survival to a large variety of wildlife.

Ingo Arndt dedicated 2 years of his life to this project and has traveled the world to complete it. In East Africa, he always traveled with Sunworld Safaris. Especially in the Savannah of the beautiful Maasai Mara Game Reserve, he has found stunning motives.
We are proud to be associated with Mr. Arndt and to be supporting this fantastic project.

Ingo Arndt with his new project

The result is a book of 256 pages with over 200 photographic images !
ISBN: 978-3-86873-881-0 ( buy it at Amazon )

Additionally, there is a “limited edition” available for collectors.
For more information on the project and up-coming exhibitions, we recommend a visit on: grassland.ingoarndt.com

The savanna of Maasai Mara (Click to enlarge)

Ingo Arndt in Maasai Mara with Sunworld Safaris  (Click to enlarge)
Your Sunworld Safaris Team