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Aditya Singh
Image Aditya “Dicky” Singh lives on the outskirts of Ranthambhore tiger reserve in India, where he and his wife run a lodge. He has been a nature photographer for over 10 years and spends most of his time photographing wildlife in India and other parts of the world. He believes in letting his images speak for themselves.
Alex Bernasconi
Alex BernasconiAlex Bernasconi is amongst a category photographers who are masters of capturing the beauty of wildlife and landscapes. Currently working on his much-anticipated photography coffee table book, Alex just received one of the highest honors in photographic art: an award appearance in the Graphics Photography Annual 2007—the ultimate award of the world’s best photographers.
Alexandra Kummer
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ImageMein Name ist Alexandra Kummer und ich reise seit 20 Jahren mit meinem Mann Jürgen nach Kenia. Bei unserem ersten Besuch 1993 habe ich sofort mein Herz an Kenia verloren. Die Freundlichkeit der Menschen, die wunderschöne abwechslungsreiche Landschaft und natürlich die atemberaubende Tierwelt lässt mich nicht mehr los.
Alexandra Schiviz
Alexandra SchivizI spend a better part of my daily life with a reflex camera by my side. During my first photo stints, landscape and wildlife photography became more appealing to me than the mere snap shots of Buildings; lucky enough this was complemented by my hobbies and holiday objectives.
Alf Drosdziok
Alf DrosdziokMy passion for photography was ignited by my first camera which I received on my 4thbirthday. My enthusiasm for Nature and Wildlife Photography grew as a result of the many hours spent and many photos taken in zoos.

My first educational tour with Photo equipment was in the 1970s, thereafter I made several trips to USA, Sri Lanka and France.
Alf Jacob Nilsen
Alf Jacob NilsenAlf Jacob Nilsen was born in 1954 and lives in south-western Norway at the small island of Hidra. He teaches biology and natural history at high school in the local town of Flekkefjord. Alf Jacob has been active as a photographer for two decades and is now a part-time professional photographer running the photo agency “Bioquatic Photo”.
Angelika Stern
ImageI discovered photography in the middle of 2004 and immediately embraced the digital age. Since 2007 I practice photography as a part time job (eg via Getty Images).

My camera is of course now with me all the time and already accompanied me halfway around the globe. In 2008 I had to re-book a trip due to political unrest on short notice and rather "accidentally" landed in Namibia. It happened there that I apparently ‘infected' myself with the African virus, and since than have returned now several times to Namibia, Kenya and South Africa.
Arthur Reiter
ImageArthur Reiter was born in 1947 and lives near the Baltic Sea in Schleswig-Holstein, the northernmost federal state of Germany. Until his retirement in 2009 he worked as a chemist and toxicologist in various hospitals and forensic-medical institutes.
Babette de Jonge
Babette de JongeLiving in Bussum, in the heart of the Netherlands, my heart certainly lies in the Masai Mara in Kenya. For years my big passion in life is travelling to places like the Mara but also other places in Africa and India, to see my other big passion, the big and small wild cats, in their natural habitat. A third passion to make this all complete is photography. Wild cats and other wildlife in particular.

Bernd Zoller
Bernd Zoller„Safaris by Sunworld, guided by two of the best professional Guides, Ken Sitonik Ole Naikuni and John Mwangi Gichura, working in the field in Kenya’s National parks offer fantastic photo-opportunities to clients.“
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