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Ranjan Ramchandani
Ranjan Ramchandani
Ranjan Ramchandani
About Ranjan Ramchandani

Ranjan Ramchandani is an amateur turned professional photographer focusing on landscapes and wildlife. Having had a natural flair for photography since childhood, he has spent the last decade self-learning through expeditions and workshops. Most recently he has furthered his knowledge by doing the complete course in Photography with the New York Institute of Photography, New York.

Ranjan left his home in India in 1989 and has since lived in South Korea, Indonesia, and now resides in Singapore. For the first 15 years of his career he traded in a variety of products from electronics to textiles and garments. His work led him to travel extensively to all corners of the world from South America, to South Africa, across Asia as well as to the USA. This exposure to the myriad of cultures, cities and people, further fuelled his passion for photography.

To Ranjan photography has always been an art, a true medium of self -expression. After his two photography visits to Ladakh, India in 2008 and 2009, he was inspired by it's stark beauty and living heritage to turn this hobby into something more, which resulted his coffee table book  - 'Swades': Ladakh - The land of splendour, which was released in 2010.

Ranjan has been published in the U.S. magazine  - Outdoor Photographer, as well the Indian magazines - Sanctuary Asia and Green Leaf.

His works have been showcased in a number of exhibitions across the region.

- ‘Blow Horn'
Solo Exhibition by Arushi Art Gallery, New Delhi, India. February 2011.

- ‘Benaras'
Group show at The American Club, Singapore. September 2011.

- ‘Benaras'  
Solo Exhibition by Gallery Krisstel Martin, Singapore. December 2011.

- ‘Harvest'
Curated for the Harvest catalogue for the 2012 show.

- ‘The Black Frame Project'
Group show by Indigo Blue Art Gallery, Singapore. September 2013.

Most recently Ranjan was invited to participate in the 3rd International Fine Art and Documentary Photography Biennale at the Municipal Heritage Museum in Malaga, Spain, in September 2014.

"I have been visiting Masai Mara for several years now and discovered Sunworld Safaris in the year 2012. The experience I have had with them is second to none, and I now plan on holding workshops(under the name - WildlifeSafaris.Expert) in Africa which I would take only to Sunworld as their infrastructure is probably the best the region has to offer", says Ranjan.

For more information please visit: http://www.photographyisanart.com

Below find some photos from Ranjan.

Ranjan Ramchandani

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