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Flying Doctors
 For all our clients we recommend you book the evacuation insurance through "THE FLYING DOCTORS".

This includes AIR evacuation and repatriation of a client from the point of emergency to Nairobi. An emergency can be either sickness or an accident of any kind. With the flying doctor cards that clients receive upon arrival, the most important information on a client that is required by "Flying Doctors" has already been passed on to their head office in Nairobi.

Air evacuation is usually made in small planes that are furnished with medical equipment and trained staff. An emergency evacuation cover does however not include any medical attention / costs that are incurred in a Nairobi Hospital or overseas repatriation to the client's home country.

Amref Flying Doctor's service based in Kenya, is the largest and best-known Air Ambulance Service in the region. They act fast and reliably in the case of an emergency compared to an overseas insurance cover which usually first requires a doctor's report in order to act.