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Our team consits of motor mechanics, tinsmiths, electricians up to car washers. All of them are responsible for the car maintenance. Each of the 4x4 cars will be checked exactly, before it leaves the company. That will be necessary to ensure a high quality.

Due to the fact that we have a big service team we can react quick in case there is an emergency situation. Most of the problems can be solved locally.

A part of our Service Team
A part of our Service Team
Bei der Arbeit
during work

"In special cases, we do special constructions for our clients, that they can work in a really perfect way with their cine cameras or other equipment." (Workshop leader: Harsharan Singh Dadiahla)

Sunworld Safaris also helps young people  that  they have a chance to get an apprenticeship as a motor mechanic or car electrician.