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Classic Sky Safari - Kenya

Safari Code: SWC002
Safari Duration (Days): 8
Price (USD): 5950
Custom Tags: Kenya, Family Safari, Luxury & Air Safari

8 Days from USD. 5,950.00 per person: 

This itinerary is specifically designed to give you the best experience of the Kenyan parks offering true authentic African style luxury accommodation with the additional comfort of flying to your destinations in SkySafari’s own 9-seater Executive-class Cessna Caravan.

Calving of Wildebeest Adventure

Safari Code: SWC001
Safari Duration (Days): 14
Price (USD): 4400
Custom Tags: Tanzania

14 Days from USD 5910.00 / person: 

This itinerary offers the “ultimate safari” through Tanzania's most popular Northern Parks, revolving around Ndutu (the birth place of the wildebeest) in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

Save The Elephant

Safari Code: SWE001
Safari Duration (Days): 10
Price (USD): 4570
Custom Tags: Kenya, Conservation Based, Featured Safaris

10 Days from USD. 4,570.00 per person: 

This exclusive safari is prepared by the association "Save the Elephants Africa" in conjunction with Sunworld Safaris.

Best of Kenya and Tanzania

Safari Code: SWB001
Safari Duration (Days): 16
Price (USD): 4670
Custom Tags: Kenya, Tanzania, Featured Safaris

16 Days from USD. 4,670.00 per person: 

Explore your favorite spots in both Kenya and Tanzania with fantastic game viewing throughout the year and you may be lucky to witness the great annual migration of the wildebeest should you travel period fall during the months of July to October!!

Discover Kenya Safari

Safari Code: SWD002
Safari Duration (Days): 14
Price (USD): 3735
Custom Tags: Kenya, Featured Safaris

14 Days from USD. 3,735.00 per person: 

The perfect trip road trip in a custom safari built 4 x 4 vehicle to discover Kenya’s most beautiful National Parks & Game Reserves

Off the Beaten Track

Safari Code: SWO001
Safari Duration (Days): 12
Price (USD): 10900
Custom Tags: Tanzania

12 Days from USD 10900.00 / person: 

This safari is most ideal for someone looking into exploring some of Africa’s remote locations and yet offering fascinating experiences ranging from the typical African Savannah to dense Equatorial forests boasting communities of chimpanzees as well as big rivers offering one an opportunity for the Nile Perch fishing. 

Relaxation at the Beach

Safari Code: SWR001
Safari Duration (Days): 7
Price (USD): 5460
Custom Tags: Tanzania, Holiday Extension, Beach Holidays

Tanzania Extension trip - 7 Days from USD. 5,460.00 per person: 

Relaxation at the Beach - Visit Zanzibar! 

Save The Rhino

Safari Code: SWS002
Safari Duration (Days): 12
Price (USD): 5365
Custom Tags: Kenya, Conservation Based

12 Days from USD. 4,990.00 per person: 

The Save the Rhino Safari entails support of the Rhinos by visiting the Wildlife Conservancies where they are protected.

Discover Uganda

Safari Code: SWD001
Safari Duration (Days): 13
Price (USD): 7920
Custom Tags: Uganda

13 Days from USD. 7,920.00 per person: 

This itinerary is suitable for one looking to explore Uganda’s prime parks including touring the WORLD’S longest river, THE NILE. Other highlights of the safari include the chimps and Gorillas trekking, boat cruises in The Nile and Kazinga Channel as well game drives in the respective national parks. 

Northern Frontier Safari & Lake Turkana Festival

Safari Code: SWN002
Safari Duration (Days): 12
Price (USD): 4500
Custom Tags: Kenya, Photographic Safari, Tribal & Cultural

12 Days from USD. 4,500.00 per person: 

Culture, breathtaking scenery and wildlife stand at the forefront of this safari ! The main focus of this trip is the desert Lake Turkana, that remains wild and un-touched with its outstanding cultural tribes.

Primates Intensive

Safari Code: SWP001
Safari Duration (Days): 10
Price (USD): 5390
Custom Tags: Uganda, Conservation Based

10 Days from USD. 5,390.00 per person: 

This itinerary is most suitable for one wishing to concentrate on the primates i.e. Gorillas and Chimpanzees amongst other species of the primates family or wishing to go on a primate extension after a wildlife safari in either Kenya or Tanzania. At the moment it is possible to fly “almost” direct from the world famous Maasai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. 

Northern Kenya Cultural & Wildlife Tour

Safari Code: SWN001
Safari Duration (Days): 14
Price (USD): 5250
Custom Tags: Kenya, Photographic Safari, Tribal & Cultural

14 Days from USD. 5,250.00 per person: 

This safari offers an insight into Kenya's remote and less frequented regions. A safari out of the ordinary! Explore the last “wild tribes” of the North with us! Perfect for those who desire to experience and photograph breathtaking landscape, adventure & culture!

Gorilla Extension

Safari Code: SWG004
Safari Duration (Days): 4
Price (USD): 3630
Custom Tags: Uganda, Conservation Based, Holiday Extension

Kenya/Tanzania Extension trip - 4 Days from USD. 3,630.00 per person: 

Fly to Bwindi Imepentrable National Park home to half of the world's remaining mountain gorillas.

Masai Mara from Malindi

Safari Code: SWS003
Safari Duration (Days): 4
Price (USD): 1290
Custom Tags: Kenya, Special Offers

3 Days from USD. 1,290.00 per person - Special Offer: 

Special Offer to the Masai Mara from Malindi by Air

Gorilla Trekking Express Safari

Safari Code: SWG003
Safari Duration (Days): 3
Price (USD): 1550
Custom Tags: Rwanda, Conservation Based

3 Days from USD. 1,550.00 per person: 

A perfect short safari for travelers with limited time seeking a glimpse of the magnificent gorillas combined with a city tour Kigali, one of Africa's cleanest cities!

Migration Adventure

Safari Code: SWM001
Safari Duration (Days): 8
Price (USD): 2840
Custom Tags: Kenya, Photographic Safari, Luxury & Air Safari

8 Days from USD. 2,840.00  per person: 

The Migration Adventure is one of our most popular trips sold ! It takes place during the Annual Great Migration of wildebeest (July to November) in the world famous Maasai Mara Game Reserve.

Golden Monkey and Gorilla Trekking Safari

Safari Code: SWG002
Safari Duration (Days): 7
Price (USD): 4080
Custom Tags: Rwanda, Conservation Based

7 Days from USD. 4,080.00 per person: 

A stunning 7 day safari experience of a life time, exploring the parks that are home to the famous mountain gorillas as well as the endangered Golden Monkeys. Embark on a thrilling hike in search of the Chimpanzee communities residing here. 

Luxury Safari in Kenya

Safari Code: SWL001
Safari Duration (Days): 10
Price (USD): 6195
Custom Tags: Kenya, Luxury & Air Safari

10 Days from USD. 6,195.00 per person: 

Experience Kenya's breathtaking natural beauty in true luxury style. One can have an opportunity to grasp exciting and precious moments on safari while enjoying the luxury and exclusivity of each lodge / camp. The accommodations are carefully selected to offer maximum comfort and a luxurious authentic travel experience. 

Highlights of the North and South

Safari Code: SWH001
Safari Duration (Days): 12
Price (USD): 6665
Custom Tags: Tanzania

12 Days from USD 6665.00 / person: 

This safari gives you the opportunity to explore both the touristic hot spots of Northern Tanzania, winding up with the less visited Southern Tanazania, famous for its untamed wildlife and stunning landscapes.

Fly Kenya Safari

Safari Code: SWF002
Safari Duration (Days): 7
Price (USD): 2555
Custom Tags: Kenya, Family Safari, Luxury & Air Safari

7 Days from USD. 2,555.00 per person: 

The tour takes you to Kenya’s most prolific game parks – the Amboseli National Park and Masai Mara National Reserve.

Über Sunworld

Sunworld Safaris ist seit 1997 in Betrieb und ein inhabergeführter Reiseveranstalter mit Sitz in Nairobi, Kenia. Wir wählen umweltfreundliche Hotels / Lodges / Camps für unsere Gäste aus, sind entschlossen, die Tierwelt zu respektieren und zu bewahren und die einheimischen Gemeinschaften und Stämme zu unterstützen. Wir führen professionell, massgeschneiderte Safaris durch, die in allen Aspekten auf die Bedürfnisse unserer Kunden zugeschnitten sind. Unsere Touren werden von unserem gut geschulten und hochqualifizierten Team sorgfältig geplant und durchgeführt.





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