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Conservation Based Safaris!

Conservation” is a very important aspect in our Safaris in General ! We strive to offer Journeys that support Wildlife Conservation, Protect our Biodiversity and involve or support the Local Community in one or another way.

In our view, there can be “no viable conservation” without the support and involvement of the local community without a direct benefit to them.

If we put “value” to wildlife & conservation, a good co-existence can happen. A perfect example are the various Conservancies in Kenya such as the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Borana, Laikipia, Lake Magadi etc.

You can choose from various “conservation based activities” such as Lion Tracking, Visit to the Endangered Species Enclosure, Behind the Scenes Chimpanzees, Community Visits and more.

Our “Save The Elephant” Safari is therefore one of our most sold and popular Trips ! It includes the sponsorship of an orphaned elephant through the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and a visit to Ithumba Camp where the orphaned elephants are being introduced back into the Wild again.

A great way to contribute to conservation is also by GORILLA TREKKING ! The Mountain Gorilla is on the Endangered List, Appendix 1 (CITES Convention) and by visiting Uganda or Rwanda to see these beautiful creatures and by purchasing a Gorilla Permit, you are contributing to the guaranteed existence of the Mountain Gorillas.

Our Save The Rhino is another “example” of visiting and contributing to the existence of the Endangered White and Black Rhino. Exciting activities are planned and you will visit Conservancies such as Solio Ranch in Kenya that host an abundance of magnificent White & Black Rhino. This is also a great Safari for any Wildlife Photographer !

Last, but not least, tell us what you’d like to do ? Which activities interest you ? What contribution you’d like to make to the Protection of our Environment ? Pls. contact us

You may want to find out MORE on what we do ! Take a look at our “Going Green Page” to get a better idea about Sunworld Safaris and our Sustainable Practices.

Our recommended Conservation Based Safaris!


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