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Explore Rwanda!

Known as ‘The Land of a Thousand Hills’, Rwanda has so much to offer from its magnificent scenery and unique experiences, it truly is a beautiful and extraordinary country !

Because of its cleanliness, it is also dubbed “The Switzerland of Africa” !

Rwanda’s people are warm & humble and you won’t forget this beautiful country, nor its people ! But the most fascinating inhabitants of this land, are one third of the world’s remaining population of endangered Mountain Gorillas, the rarest of the three gorilla sub-species. People from all over the world come to catch a glimpse of the magnificent gorillas and golden monkeys. There are only about 820 gorillas remaining in the Wild. There is no doubt that this is an experience you will NEVER forget ! The sheer thrill of getting close to a Silverback Gorilla and his family is something one cannot describe.

You can trek gorillas all year round in Rwanda and there is no specific BEST time to visit. It may be less ideal during the rainy season from end of March until Mid-May but some rain can always occur due the fact that Trekking takes place in a rain forest.

One of the advantages of visiting Rwanda is the close proximity of all the main attractions. Most are located between one and four hours from the capital city of Kigali. From rainforests and volcanoes at the Volcanoes National Park & Nyungwe Forest National Park, to the low-lying savannah of the Akagera National Park to the forests of Nyungwe National Park and beautiful Lake Kivu.

You may wish to visit the lush and green Nyungwe Forest, home to many species of chimpanzees and Colobus monkeys. The Canopy Walkway offers stunning views over the valley and forests. Visit the Kamiranzovu Marsh, with its birdlife, orchids and waterfall.

Explore the Sights, Sounds, Cities, National Parks & Scenic locations


Image Attricution: Masako Kato [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Image Attribution: configmanager from Greenbelt, MD [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Map of Rwanda

You will find the most important points of interest, Reserves and National Parks on this map ! The distances may appear closer than they actually are. Roads are generally good in Rwanda though driving times are not indicated on this map. Pls. contact us for more detailed driving times from one point of interest to the other.

Our recommended Safaris in Rwanda!

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Travel Tips!

This is indeed a very good question and yet, determined by a number of factors ! First and foremost, Rwanda offers a more “exclusive Gorilla Trekking Experience” to the client. Since Gorilla Fees are USD. 1,500 per person per Trek, Uganda will be USD. 700.00 from Jan. 2020, it is clear that not too many people can afford this hefty fee. This leaves the experience to be more exclusive ! The second advantage we found in Rwanda is that Trekking is a little easier. It is very well organized and park authorities pay close attention to the “type of client” that does the Trekking. E.g. elderly people or people with walking difficulties will be taken to Gorilla Families that are closer and require less taxying walks. Areas for Gorilla Trekking are a little more open than in Uganda. What we also love about Rwanda is that the Gorilla Fees support the conservation of the current (status 2019) 324 Gorilla Families found in the Virunga Mountains on the Rwandan side. A further 10% of the proceeds are shared with the local community which is “key” to sustain Gorillas in future as communities must benefit to see a reason for their protection and value. Distances are also quite short and make the country very accessible.

Additional Resources

View or download our General Rwanda Information document to help you with any information you need!
Not sure what to pack for your trip? Click on the above button to view or download our Gorilla watching etiquette and Packing list !

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