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Tribal & Cultural Safaris!

Kenya is a perfect destination for anyone looking to make that ‘Dream African Trip’. Not only will you enjoy the best wildlife experiences in the parks, but also, there is a vast wealth of cultural experiences to be immersed in which is what we want to share with you.

As modernization is fast creeping in, this is the best time to take a trip to the North as in the coming future, some of these cultures will be lost.

We at Sunworld have curated these trips for you to experience and be part of the tribes in Northern Kenya.

Our Safaris will have you witness the vibrant lifestyle of the Samburu adorned in brightly coloured ‘shukas’ and beads, to the pastoralist Rendilles whose lifestyle mostly revolves around their livestock and camels. The Turkana, also a pastoralist tribe are a sight to behold with their red hair dyed by a special red ochre.

The Turkana Festival held annually is however very remarkable as it brings together all these tribes including the Gabbra, Daasanach, and El Molo who are the smallest tribe in Kenya.

At the festival, you get to witness the different cultural performances and all these in one location. The festival creates a form of unity among these tribes bringing them together as one. It is simply a spectacular affair and we could not recommend this enough!

We can tailor make any Tribal and Cultural Safari for you ! Pls. find some of our most popular itineraries below.

Our recommended Tribal & Cultural Safaris!

About Sunworld

Sunworld Safaris is operational since 1997 and is an owner - run Specialist Tour Operator, based in Nairobi, Kenya. We select eco-friendly hotels/lodges/ camps for our guests, are determined to respect and conserve wildlife and support local communities. We run professionally customized safaris to suit our clients' needs in all aspects. Our tours are carefully planned & executed through our handpicked and highly skilled team.


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