We would like to thank the following photographers for contributing their beautiful and amazing images to our site on complimentary basis.

  • Our Guides: Jonathan Kaelo & John Gitau Kabue
  • Theo Allofs & Jami Tarris
  • Piper Mackay Photosafaris
  • Federico Veronesi
  • Peter Wick

Photographer: Peter Wick

Born and educated in Switzerland, I became interested in Analogue photography as an hobby during my early travels around Europe in 1970. Those were the days of B&W and colour slide films. I was doing my own B&W processing until 2005. That was also the time when the Digital Photography became a new factor in my life. I spent 33 years of my life in South Africa, travelled the surrounding countries and came back to Europe in 2007. I love Africa, the people, the landscape and wildlife with a great passion. A proverb says: You can leave Africa, but Africa never leaves you. Anybody who has been to Africa will understand and share my passion for this continent. The Masai Mara, Kenya is one of these unique places in Africa where one can see wildlife at its best, travelling with Sunworld Safaris, it will give you the  real African experience. Wildlife photography is probably one of the most difficult subjects one can do, however it is extremely rewarding too. It became a big part of my photographic journey.

Photographer: Theo Allofs

Theo Allofs began his photography career in 1984 after finishing a Diploma in Geology. After working full-time as a travel photographer for 10 years he started concentrating on nature photography in 1995, with a main focus on endangered animals and habitats. 

His work has been published in all major natural history and other renowned magazines and newspapers around the world including National Geographic Magazine, Smithsonian, Time Magazine, New York Times, Newsweek, GEO, American Photo. His images have appeared on over one hundred book and magazine covers and he was the sole photographer for dozens of calendars. He is author/photographer of seven books including coffee table books about the Yukon, Namibia, Australia and the Pantanal. "Pantanal - South America's Wetland Jewel" was voted by Discover Magazine as one of the ten best scientific oriented books of the year. During his career Theo has won numerous international awards, amongst them 12 awards in the prestigious BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

One of his most favorite locations around the world is East Africa with its amazing mix of colorful cultures, vast variety of stunning landscapes and last but not least the abundance of wildlife.

 "My wife Jami Tarris and I have been taking photographer groups on safaris for the past 8 years. Whenever we visit East Africa we exclusively work together with Sunworld Safaris as our local operator. We both consider Sunworld Safaris the best safari company in East Africa because of its excellent and friendly service, outstanding guides, high end accommodations and overall professionalism.”


Photographer: Gitau Kabue

I am Gitau Kabue also known as GK.

An experienced  Silver tour guide and currently preparing for Gold. From tender age, I have always loved art and having grown up in Nakuru  county,  wildlife and scenic surroundings were and still are my inspiration. The beauty of looking at the wild through lenses has literally colored  my world. Courtesy of  Sunworld Safaris, I met world renown photographers who inspired and rekindled my love for art and wildlife through photography.

Art is way of expression and with photography I can express myself, educate and influence people to take nature/wildlife photography serious and help in conservation.

What better way to express oneself if not through photography!!!



Photographer: Jonathan Kaelo

Born and raised in a remote village called Aitong, bordering the famous Maasai Mara National Reserve, I fell in love with nature. I always had a keen interest about the surroundings and this led me into conservation. I wanted to help other understand the importance of conserving nature and therefore, became a nature guide! Through this, I learnt I could spread my message to the world through photography as pictures are a universal language, and this led to my passion in wildlife photography!

I am a Silver member of the Kenya Professional Safari Guide Association and pursuing to be a Gold member soon, as well as a top wildlife photographer!


Photographer: Piper Mackay

Piper Mackay’s intrepid journey as an African wildlife and cultural photographer has taken her on adventures spanning the African continent; a land she fell in love with when she first stepped foot on its rich red soil 16 years ago. She instantly made the decision to change her life’s direction and created an exit plan to leave behind a successful career in the fashion industry.

Driven to create compelling imagery and stories that make a difference, her work breaks expectations by moving away from the beaten path, immersed in the cultures and wild environments she is photographing. Her passion for the natural world has grown into a lifelong commitment to inspire others to explore, respect and preserve the beauty of our fragile planet.

 Piper’s photographs are licensed by Getty Images’ top collections. Featured articles of her work have been printed in national publications such as; National Geographic Traveler, Outdoor Photographer, Nature Photographer, Ranger Finder, and Selamata, as well as local travel and online magazines. Her images have graced the pages of Nature’s Best, National Geographic, National Geographic Explorer, and Travel Africa. In 2017 she won the African Wildlife category in the prestigious Natures Best Contest. She is an inspirational photographic speaker across the US.


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